PAL Club & PAL Camp

This year at PAL Club

PAL has made great efforts to expand to more schools throughout the DC Metropolitan area. This school year, PAL has partnered with Miner Elementary School, located in Ward 7 of Washington, D.C.. Miner has a wonderful PTO and Administration, which has allowed for a smooth transition into the school year. We partnered up with their PTO to bring a petting zoo to their OktoberFest in October, and are anxious to determine fun and exciting events in the future!

Why have a PAL Club?

Children are born with an innate curiosity about animals. PAL Club and PAL Camp are opportunities for students to explore the wonder and science of animals.

PAL Club extends the learning day by three hours for more than 350 children. At D.C. Scholars at Stanton Elementary in Ward 8 and Miner Elementary School, lower income children grow butterflies and become migrating geese. Words like “adaption” and “camouflage” spill easily from their lips. They lecture their daytime teachers on the nuances of the life cycle of a frog and snuggle with gerbils and guinea pigs as they read.

Cool animals are just the beginning: PAL relies on best practice guidance provided by the US Department of Education’s Doing What Works, ChildTrends and other national groups to ensure quality and outcomes.


Animal Studies

Animal Studies is a natural sciences program with big themes like Migration and Nocturnal Animals. Children read books, see power points and videos and gain master over vocabulary and concepts. Living animals and animal themed-activities from dance performances to science experiments bring the knowledge to life. Questions are encouraged! Experiences include raising, caring for, and observing living animals like butterflies and chickens and going bird-watching and bug catching. PAL’s STEM based curriculum is bringing forward greater opportunities for low-income students to pursue animal related interests, and potentially create a few veterinarians in the near future!

If you are interested in becoming either a teacher or aide at one of our locations, please complete the employment application and send to If you would like to volunteer with PAL Club or PAL Camp, please forward inquiries to

PAL Camp

PAL Camp brings the PAL Club curriculum to summer school programs held at various DC Public School locations. Last summer, the theme was rain forests and children explored animals high, low and in the middle of the Rain forest canopy. PAL Camp has longer days than PAL Club, allowing students a more extensive program and more time with the animals! Every Friday students go on an animal related field trip. This year it was a little hot for the long outdoor adventures, but we made up with some fun indoor field days! PAL Camp also allows students to retain their reading and math skills learned during the school year. The continuity of learning provides our PAL students with a stronger foundation as they enter the new school year.

Asia PAL Camp