Our programs capitalize on the special bond between animals and humans to help society overcome some of its most palpable challenges.

PAL Club during the school year and PAL Camp over the summer give young scholars a chance to learn about and take care of a wide variety of pets under the guidance of caring mentors. The pets, in turn, give the students the opportunity to take ownership over another life, making the students feel needed by their friendly companions. Field trips and assemblies teach new skills, such as scientific observation and responsible care-taking, which build self-confidence and instill a reverence for life.

The Pet Visit Program takes place at locations all over the Washington metropolitan area, including nursing homes, hospitals, schools, libraries, and more. Over 400 volunteers and their pets bring comfort to people who need the unconditional love and companionship of an animal.

The Pet Loss Support Line offers solace and understanding to those who are coping with pet loss.

Animal-Related Careers Consortium, or ARCC, introduces middle and high school students to the variety of careers options in animal care.