Grannie Annie and Daisy Dane!

This delightful pair of senior ladies joined the Mt Pleasant Library’s PAL Pajama Party in August 2013. Introduced by another long-standing PAL duo, Rona & Dakota, the team actively participates in activities at this site and other PAL locations regularly. Grannie Annie and Daisy Dane are beloved by our community. Ann sings spontaneously and beautifully to the children, recites poetry and nursery rhymes, laughs heartily at the stories, listens intently to the children, shares Daisy’s adventures with our neighborhood families, and basically shares her heart with us. They are a dear and central part of our community. When driving in the dark became too challenging during the winter months, another team Barbara & Harpo, stepped up to offer their carpooling services so that Grannie Annie & Daisy Dane could continue to join us. They are a joy and we are very fortunate to have them as PAL volunteers.

*This wonderful nomination was given by the one and only, Miss Julie at Mt Pleasant Library!