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PAL Clippings

PAL Clipings

The Awesome PAL

Robert McCarty | October 1, 2015

PAL Clipings

People. Animals. Love. Uplifting Patients One at a Time

Guest Blogger for NOVA Dog Blog | Winter, 2013

PAL Clipings

At libraries, children find delight in reading to dogs

Susan Svrluga for The Washington Post | December 27th, 2012

PAL Clipings

PAL Club shows kids how to be friends with animals

Karlyn Barker for Chicago Tribune | January 26th, 2006

PAL Kids In Action

Roosevelt Island Adventure!

Students in grades K-5 have been learning about the Wild Safari during PAL Camp this summer. Between studying the the African Safari and after the Australian Safari, we took a trip to Roosevelt Island to explore our own local “safari” with expert ranger-guided tours. Students were exposed to marshes, swamps, and forests and saw wildlife including turtles, squirrels, and plenty of butterflies. It was a great opportunity to see an organic island that is so close to home. We learned about Theodore Roosevelt’s passion for wildlife, and saw the impact his passion had on this wonderful island. Thank you to the Rangers who showed us a great time!

Why the Hare Ran Away

Students at John Burroughs Elementary School performed a play entitled “Why the Hare Ran Away”. Students learned choreography, created their own costumes, and memorized their lines in order to put on a wonderful performance! Parents and students watched in amazement as their peers and children exhibited their knowledge about animals and their performance skills. Thank you to JBES for allowing us to share!

Assemble the Animals!

Each month, PAL holds an assembly with live animals and interesting performers! This past month we had My Reptile Guys! come to Stanton to show us what these animals look like up close and personal. Students had a blast seeing snakes, bugs, and birds!

ball t h snake

Reading with Dogs at PAL Club

At PAL Club, children get the chance to improve their reading skills by sitting down with a dog and sharing a book. PAL dogs give a lot of confidence to our students, and they make learning fun.