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Humans Lend a Helping Hand, Animals Lend a Helping PaW

The human-animal bond is powerful.  Leveraging the human-animal bond to make the DC metro community a better, richer place to live keeps People Animals Love (PAL) busy. The medical, emotional and social benefits of pet ownership are well documented -- PAL extends these benefits  into the community with our two programs, Pet Visiting and PAL Club and Camp.

People Animals Love from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.

Compassionate and friendly pet owners visit with their dogs, bringing joy to people in mental institutions, assisted living, nursing homes and homeless shelters.  Libraries and schools are always eager to help children gain a love of reading, to introduce young readers to learning with creative methods. The Pet volunteers visit libraries and schools for a variety of reading with dog programs.See how you and your pet can join the effort on our New Volunteer Page.   

animals help kids boost literacy at Stanton Elementary

PALTestimonials 2.4 from Charles Germain on Vimeo.

PAL Club and Camp, our afterschool and summer programs, combine learning, animals and kids to boost reading, math and science skills for children at risk of academic failure.  After children work with adults in small groups work on reading and math, a rich Animal Studies program begins. Children are introduced to the natural science through concepts like migration, life cycles and adaptation. They meet and care for living animals, read animal books, complete projects, put on animal shows and go on a wide variety of field trips.

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